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Counseling (Nong;Dam)

Am I all right as I am? Am I doing okay?
A place where I can talk about what I feel.
"Welcome to the school life counseling center at CALS"
Topics of counseling

What sort of advice can I receive from the Center?

The Center deals with all areas of psychological and emotional issues that students may experience during their school life, including personality, family or personal relationships, adapting to college life, career, dating, anxiety, depression, and more.
Applying for counseling

How do I apply for counseling?

Please contact the Center through the e-mail address or phone number below. Talk to the counselor, set up an interview and visit the Center for interview and counseling.
The Center
  • Location : Room 209, Building No. 75-1
  • Open : Mondays through Thursdays (4 days a week)
  • Hours : 13:00 to 18:00
  • 50 minutes per session
  • All undergraduate or graduate school students can apply for the session
  • The Center offers: personal/group counseling and psychological tests
Pictures of the Center