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Interdisciplinary Program in Agricultural and Forest Meteorology

The Interdisciplinary Program in Agricultural and Forest Meteorology (AgFM) pursues sustainability education based on systems thinking that teaches values, attitudes and lifestyle toward sustainable future of agricultural and forest ecosystems.

Our vision is to create sustainable solutions to the challenges facing the agricultural and forest ecosystems and the environment which play an important role in complex ecological-societal systems and the challenges that may arise in the future. The AgFM program cultivates leaders with stewardship ready to take on the sustainability challenge by implementing the sustainable solutions to local to global the communities. To achiev our vision, we focus on educating four core competencies for sustainability along with the basic interpersonal competence through resilience based "systems thinking" and "visioneering." The four core competencies are: (1) "systems thinking competence" to see the whole problem, (2) "normative competence" to set standards with a clear paradigm, (3) "strategic competence" to plan and maneuver carefully; and (4) "anticipatory competence" to predict the future with insights based on past experience. The core paradigm of the AgFM program is "visioneering", which means "engineering of vision" and refers to the pursuit and realization of a harmonious triad of governance, management and monitoring. Governance refers to the vision casting, management refers to the operationalization of vision, and monitoring refers to the process of synthesizing data into a story-telling that will guide to learn adaptability.

Students in the AgFM Program can choose to obtain a master's or Ph.D degree in Agriculture, Science or Engineering depending on the field of students specialty. Students will be able to advance into domestic and foreign companies, research institutes, educational, administrative and international organizations after having accumulated practical experiences through internship courses which are required for graduation.
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