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CALS of Seoul National University supports its students, so that they can engage in the activities of their interest. Currently, there are 10 clubs existing in CALS: 4 performing art clubs, 3 sports clubs, 1 hobby & liberal art club, 1 media club and 1 academic club.
Club Name Representative Mentoring Professor Office
Department Name Department Name
Sand Pebbles Animal biotechnology Kim, Jiwook Horticultural Science and Biotechnology Huh Jin Hoe Room B206, Bldg. #200
Maegimsori Environmental Materials Science Jang, Jeongcheol Horticultural Science and Biotechnology Chun Changhoo Room B105, Bldg. #75
Doo Rae Landscape Architecture Min, Jeongwon Animal biotechnology Kim, Yoo Yong Room 206-2, Bldg. #200
Hyangrok Food science and Biotechnology Choi, Inseob Applied Life Chemistry Ro Hee-Myong Room 304, Bldg. #67
Sports CALS FC, Hwimori (Football) Crop Science and Biotechnology Jeong, Seungmin Agricultural & Resource Economics An DongHwan Room 110, Bldg. #75
Saturn(Basketball) Crop Science and Biotechnology Kim, Junsu Applied Life Chemistry Sangkee Rhee Room 103, Bldg. #75
SATC (Tennis) Agricultural & Resource Economics Kim, Keonwoo Crop Science and Biotechnology Kim, Do-Soon Room B206-1, Bldg. #200
Hobby / Culture SNU Amateur Alpine Assciation Applied Biology Lee, Kyeongtae Entomology Seunghwan Lee Room 104, Bldg. #75
Media Knockyoung Applied Biology Lim, Yeongcheon Forest Environmental Science Kim Hyun Seok Room 102, Bldg. #75
Academic Namujigi-IFSA SNU Forest Environmental Science Woo, Yeongkon Forest Environmental Science Chang, Chin-Sung -