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CALS Vision

Innovation Strategy of CALS

Develop enterprising individuals that will take leadership on the global stage by inheriting the university’s academic tradition of agriculture and life sciences and creating new values that respond to today’s key changes; and contribute to the development of human civilization by amassing the results of creative researches.
  • A happy place of learning
  • Institution that creates new academic values for agriculture and life sciences
  • Hall of practical knowledge that ensures the sustainability of agriculture and life sciences industry and happiness of humankind
  • Greater satisfaction to the students
  • Engage in research with greater impact
  • Enhance the prestige of CALS
  • Bring innovations to the agriculture industry
  • Become a global leader
  • Achieve greater sustainability

Strategies and Goals

Strengthen identity and conduct student-focused education
  • Strengthen the core and cross-over curriculum
  • Strengthen career counseling for the students
  • Reinforce the student support system for greater focus on the beneficiaries
Strengthen the community spirit and capability
  • Provide a greater opportunity for communication and participation
  • Strengthen inter-school cooperative research programs
  • Establish an evaluation system focused on the ripple effect
  • Innovate the professor mentoring and promotion (reappointment) system
Improve the brand value of CALS
  • Enhance the prestige of CALS by strengthening public relations
  • Expand public lecture programs and innovate the administration system
  • Turn CALS into a high-profile and prestigious brand
Strengthen academic-industrial collaboration
  • Establish the Technological Innovation Support Center for Agriculture & Life Sciences Industry (tentative name)
  • Administer start-up support programs
  • Innovate the administration of affiliated institutions to stimulate academic-industrial collaboration
  • Build corporate-friendly agricultural communities using the Pyeongchang Campus
  • Dispatch more professors to companies during their research years
Strengthen globalization
  • Establish a department dedicated to globalizing the CALS
  • Strengthen international competitiveness
Strengthen the foundation for innovation
  • Create a consensus on innovation
  • Secure financial resources and strengthen their transparent management
  • Strengthen relationships with various domestic and foreign partners
Core Values
“Devotion and passion / communication and cooperation / creativity and convergence / diversity and globalization / autonomy and ethics”