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Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Bioresources

As sovereignty and rights of the industrial utilization of bioresources are reinforced from the Nagoya Protocol going into effect, the discovery of agriculture and forest bioresources, creative convergent research, and human resource development for bio-industriy are strongly required. The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Bioresources is a graduate school department newly organized in 2020, uniting five majors: Crop Science and Biotechnology, Horticultural Science and Biotechnology, Forest Environmental Science, Environmental Materials Science, and Biomaterials Science. The Department aims to discover agricultural and forest bioresources and carry out creative convergent research and human resource development, to deal with radical changes in the agricultural environment according to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The Department will lead world-class development of human resources and convergent research by educational innovation, research innovation and globalization, based on academic achievements of five majors.

For innovative human resource development in the 21st century, the Department promotes interdisciplinary education among majors, establishment of new curriculums for convergent research, expansion of education through team-teaching, management of user-oriented curriculums focusing on problem-solving, and construction of an academic infrastructure with participatory curriculums.

The Department will reinforce the conservation of agricultural bioresources, competitiveness in the seed industry, genomics research, development of IT-based cultivation technologies, construction of smart farm systems, formation of sustainable eco-friendly bioresources ecosystem, development of cutting-edge biomaterials, and research on high value-added environmental materials.

Through the innovation of education, research and globalization, the Department will transcend boundaries between majors, and foster creative scholars leading convergent researches. Graduates will be pioneers of the 21st century industrial society in Universities, enterprises, research insititutes, etc. as leaders of agriculture and forest bioresources fields, and play important roles in the creation of high value-added bio-industries in the future.
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바이오소재공학 전공
  • Program in Biomaterials Engineering
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  • 200-5207
As one of the premier biomaterials science programs in the nation, Seoul National University program in biomaterials engineering provides a superior interdisciplinary research and education environment that prepares graduates to be the leaders of integrating materials science and biology who develop environmental-friendly polymer materials and bio-inspired materials. Through its faculty and graduates, SNU Biomaterials fulfills its vision of being a driving force in creating basic science knowledge and new technology.

SNU biomaterials faculty members collaborate to pursue interdisciplinary research and development projects, and to provide a core curriculum of enviro-, nano-, and biomaterials based on principle courses in organic chemistry, physical chemistry, biochemistry, applied analysis, mechanics, and bioengineering. The SNU biomaterials program focuses research activity on the development of systematic functional biomaterials useful in human society based on the technology derived from fusing life science and materials engineering.

The SNU biomaterials program proudly offers a unique aspect of the integration of research and education. The undergraduates shall have opportunities for independent research projects, and the graduate students are able to hold the chance to meet early immersion in research. The graduates from the department build their careers in various of professional areas, including private industry, research or educational institutions, patent law, and the government.
Name Major TEL Email
Lee Ki hoon
Protein-Based Materials +82-2-880-4625 prolee@snu.ac.kr
Jinho Hyun
Nano biomaterials +82-2-880-4624 jhyun@snu.ac.kr
Kim, Tae il
Biomedical Polymer +82-2-880-4636 seal1004@snu.ac.kr
Associate Professor
Ki, Chang Seok
Soft biopolymeric materials +82-2-880-4621 ki.cs@snu.ac.kr
Associate Professor
Kwak Seon Yeong
Bioorganic chemistry , Nanobiotechnology +82-2-880-4622 seon.y.kwak@snu.ac.kr
Assistant Proffesor
Sungchul Shin
Development of Intelligent Biomaterials +82-2-880-4623 sungssc@snu.ac.kr