• MOU Signing Ceremony with Cairo Univ. Has files

    Aug 24, 2011 l Hit 3923

    Dean Ezzaldin Omar Abusteit and two professors from Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University visited CALS during the first week of May. Three professors had campus tour and went to several research centers at CALS including NICEM. Guests from Cairo University had chance to meet CALS professors from Dept. of Food &am...

  • Inauguration of 21st Dean Has files

    Aug 23, 2011 l Hit 4084

    Professor Hak Lae Lee (Program in Environmental Materials Science, Dept. of Forest Sciences) was appointed as College of Agriculture and Life Sciences 21st Dean who will serve for two years. [Curriculum Vitae of Dean Hak Lae Lee] -Education- Bachelor's (B.S.)/Master's (M.S.) in Environmental Materials Science, Colle...