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Department of Forest Sciences

The Department of Forest Sciences specializes in nurturing forests and the sustainable use of forest resources which includes the direct and indirect use of forest products. Recognizing that forests are environmental resources, the Department of Forest Resources and the Department of Forest Products have been reorganized into the Department of Forest Sciences, offering two programs: forest environmental science and environmental materials science.

With the expansion of global desertification, the destruction of tropical rain forests, and the increase in greenhouse gases the need for forest resource conservation has become a very important issue from an environmental perspective.

The major in forest environmental science major covers important issues and emphasizes the various virtues and functions of forests and environmental resources. The students in this major focus on how to maintain and enhance the functions of forest ecosystems, how to efficiently manage and use forest resources, and how to restore the destroyed environments or disturbed ecosystems. This course of study aims to produce well-trained people who are capable of keeping our forest resources (wildlife, forest materials, water, and recreation resources) sustainable, as well as researching methods for efficient conservation, use, and management of forest resources.

The environmental materials science program offers diverse basic and applied courses as well as laboratory and field practices in physics and chemistry to teach students how to utilize wood more effectively and efficiently both in industry and daily life. The major’s study and research material is wood, which is a natural, high molecular, environmentally friendly, and permanently recyclable material; the environmental materials science program deals with the development of a new environmentally friendly bio-material composite, a new technology for producing pulp and paper, a new wood structure, a new chemical utilization of wood components, and a new technology for cleaning pollutants by using forest microorganisms. The major is designed to create and disseminate knowledge about wood, paper science and engineering, and forest products and their utilization, through lectures, labs, and practices.

The goal of the department is to identify and resolve important problems in biology, conservation, management, and utilization of forest resources and to disseminate research results to the scientific community, resource user-groups, and the general public.
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  • Program in Environmental Materials Science
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Established in 1970, the Department of Forest Products merged with the Department of Forest Resources into the Department of Forest Sciences in 2004, and was renamed as the Program in Environmental Materials Science. Our program was established by social demand to utilize environmentally friendly bio-materials and was cemented by strong interest in recycling.

Recently, environmental materials such as wood, wood-based composites, forest byproducts, pulp and paper have been recognized as increasingly significant subjects within environmental materials science. The mission of our program is to create and disseminate knowledge regarding wood, paper science and engineering, and forest products and their utilization, through programs of instruction, lab, and practice. The forward-looking research agenda emphasizes an active outreach program to provide continuing education opportunities to industries and individuals. The mission of program is made up of brilliant professors and sophisticated modern facilities.

We are especially interested in talking with you if you are :
- A prospective college student searching for an exciting and rewarding career
- A prospective graduate student looking for a great graduate education program
- An industry practitioner with diverse research interest

Our well-trained graduates are working for industries, universities, and research institutes related to wood and paper. Research funding comes from the government and the private sector. Our major has been selected as the Forest Product Division of Brain Korea 21 from the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development since 2003. This field will certainly be one of the most promising engineering areas in the 21st century.
Name Major TEL Email
Kim Hyun-Joong
Adhesion, Bio-Composites, Coatings +82-2-880-4784 hjokim@snu.ac.kr
YEO Hwanmyeong
Wood Physics and Drying +82-2-880-4781 hyeo@snu.ac.kr
Youn Hye Jung
Paper and Cellulose Engineering +82-2-880-4787 page94@snu.ac.kr
Choi InGyu
Wood Chemistry +82-2-880-4785 cingyu@snu.ac.kr
Associate Professor
Oh JungKwon
Timber Engineering +82-2-880-4782 jungoh@snu.ac.kr
Associate Professor
Kwak Hyo Won
Green Processing Lab +82-2-880-4788 bk0502@snu.ac.kr
Assistant Professor
Kyudeok Oh
Paper science +82-2-880-4796 kyudeok.oh@snu.ac.kr