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Department of Plant Science

Department of Plant Science strives to broaden the scientific knowledge and educate on not only agronomic and horticultural crops but also human resources. Program in Crop Science and Biotechnology, Program in Horticultural Science and Biotechnology, and Program in Agricultural and Vocational Education were fully integrated into one academic organization in 2005 to provide students with a new and improved curriculum. This includes higher education in the natural sciences to enhance students’ fundamental understanding of plants and practical applications within the field of agriculture as well as humanities and social sciences for their knowledge or human resource development.

The crop science and biotechnology program and the horticultural science and Biotechnology program provide students with research opportunities and education on agricultural and horticultural crop production, genetic improvements, and theoretical and applied approaches for plant-environment interactions. Both programs adopt multidisciplinary approaches via cultivation and biotechnology for plant improvement and production. The vocational education and workforce development program is a practical study that develops, manages, and effectively utilizes the unique potential of human beings. The program provides research and education regarding the development of vocational and industrial human resource professionals who are essential in the 21st century.

The Plant Science Department will provide a set of tools to recognize the interconnectedness of plants, environment, and human resources. The faculty members will contribute to the improvement of advanced agriculture and life sciences and vocational human resource management.
☎ +82-2-880-4540 200-4108 http://plantsci.snu.ac.kr
산업인력개발학 전공
  • Program in the Vocational Education and Workforce Development
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  • 200-2112
The discipline of vocational education and workforce development involves a study of theories, methods, and systems developing students who are willing to involve or are already involved in related fields. It is a practical study that effectively develops, manages, and utilizes the potential capability of humans.

The major courses are the following: Introduction to Vocational Education and Workforce Development (WFD), Program Development in Vocational Education and WFD, E-learning in Vocational Education and WFD, Materials in Vocational Subject Education, Teaching and Learning Methods in Vocational Education and WFD, Administration and Policy for Vocational Education and Human Resource Development (HRD), Evaluation of Vocational Education and HRD, Vocational and Career Guidance, Introduction to Adolescent Education, Instructional Media Development, and many others. After completion of the undergraduate program in Vocational Education and WFD, there are various career opportunities such as educational administration, human resource management, trainers, teachers, professors, researchers, and agents in areas such as the government, corporations, secondary schools, colleges, universities, communities, research institutes, and NGOs.

The graduate program in vocational education and workforce development will train students to meet the socio-economical demands of vocational education and workforce development, a rapidly growing field, and to cultivate the next generation of knowledge. The graduate program offers master’s and doctoral degrees and this is operated as individual department in the name of the Department of Agricultural and Vocational Education which is separate from the undergrate program, the Department of Plant Science.
Name Major TEL Email
Kim, Jin-Mo
Curriculum and Program Development in VEWD +82-2-880-4834 jimmy812@snu.ac.kr
Na, Seung-Il
Teaching/Training Methods and Administration in VEWD +82-2-880-4833 silna@snu.ac.kr
Lee Chan
eHRD System and Performance Management in VEWD +82-2-880-4838 chanlee@snu.ac.kr
Jyung, Chyul-Young
Career Guidance and Career Development in VEWD +82-2-880-4832 cyjyung@snu.ac.kr
Jeong, Jin-chul
Evaluation and Organizational Development in VEWD +82-2-880-4831 vince88@snu.ac.kr
Associate Professor
Choi, Su-Jung
Global Workforce Development and Vocational Competency Development +82-2-880-4776 shizu@snu.ac.kr