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Remembering the Online Welcome Event for Freshmen

2021-07-20l Hit 513

As the spread of COVID-19 continues to prevent offline classes and events from being held, the welcome event for incoming freshmen in academic year 2021 had to use an online format. It took the form of an introductory video named “CALS Crossing.” A parody of a popular video game, the video garnered positive responses thanks to its high quality and actual students and incoming freshmen being featured. We met with Ha Tae-wuk (entering class of 2019) majoring in Biomaterials Engineering who was involved in the making of the video.


According to him, the production process was divided into three teams—those brainstorming the ideas, those writing scenarios, and those recording footages. Camerawork and post-editing were outsourced to ensure better quality. In addition to time limitations, he says it was also difficult to have a meeting and exchange opinions since all meetings had to be online. Ha is grateful toward all members of the Task Force and everyone else who helped with the video, whose assistance proved essential in raising the quality of the product despite many difficulties.


The welcome video for freshmen aimed to provide useful information about the university and some tips from current students on campus life. It included a plethora of helpful information such as the features of CALS buildings and nearby facilities and how to navigate the large campus to reach CALS without getting lost. For the freshmen who haven’t had a chance to properly enjoy their university experience yet, various other video resources were provided including an online after party to the welcome event via Zoom and orientation events for the early and regular admissions processes.


The multi-faceted efforts geared towards the freshmen still had to be relatively limited in scope compared to previous orientation events held offline, and it is admitted that there was not enough time for the freshmen to socialize with their own cohorts as well as with current students. The difference in scale among the orientation events provided by each of the departments was also noted as something to be improved upon in the future. 

As a final remark, Ha feels sorry for the freshmen who have been unable to enjoy their campus lives and wishes for the situation to get better so that all CALS members including freshmen—who have been steadfast in overcoming many difficulties—can spend quality time together on campus.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Written by Heo Ji-yeong and Lee Gyeong-mi

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