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CALS PRESS, a student press corps of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, was established in June 2012 to deliver various news of CALS to alumni and students and to create a college where members can communicate by forming a bond of sympathy. CALS PRESS is an organization belonging to the Office of Planning and Coordination of CALS. In addition to articles published in “CALS Newsletter,” the official newsletter of CALS, CALS PRESS writes articles for the website and official SNS accounts(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Naver Blog, etc.) of SNU CALS. Furthermore, together with the Office of Planning and Coordination of CALS, CALS PRESS plans and conducts promotional projects to inform the proud members and the site of passion of CALS.

The History and Activities of CALS PRESS

When it was first opened, it was a small club with six members. At that time, CALS PRESS belonged to the Office of Planning and Coordination and focused only on the production of “Newsletter”. Therefore, until 2021, reporters' reporting activities per person were also small, about twice a year. However, in 2022, the press corps was reorganized, and more activities were carried out to promote CALS. First of all, articles that were written only twice a year were written every month, and the number of articles was significantly increased. In addition, by opening the press corps' official SNS, CALS PRESS tried to inform not only the members of CALS, but also the outside world. In particular, news is posted in English on Twitter, and from this semester (2nd semester of 2022), all articles are translated into English to promote CALS abroad. Any topic related to CALS is covered in articles, mainly interviews with retired professors, greetings of new professors, interviews with offices belonging to CALS, interviews with graduates, capacity building program interviews, club interviews, and interviews with fund donors. In particular, starting this year, CALS PRESS is working hard to accelerate and systematize the promotion of CALS and activities of press corps in various ways. It attempted to produce card news, use bulletin boards in CALS, produce videos, and create posters. On Farmers' Day, various events such as making N-line poems and escape room games were held to remind the importance of agriculture and inspire the pride of farmer. In addition, interviews with foreign students in CALS and collaboration projects with clubs of CALS are being planned. Also, efforts have been made to reunite members of press corps and systemize press corps’ activities through relocation of the press room, regular meetings, and workshops.

Future Goals

CALS PRESS is the first to receive the latest news in CALS and inform that news to the members of CALS. The goal is not only to inform news to the members of CALS, but also to inform the status of SNU CALS abroad and to ultimately raise the QS ranking (World University Ranking) within CALS. To this end, CALS PRESS wish to meet and interview more alumni of CALS, in addition to widely promoting the SNS of the press corps and article upload platform so that more people around the world can hear the proud story of CALS.

CALS PRESS for Those Who…

Students who want to plan/proceed with projects to promote CALS in a creative and innovative way are welcome. It is also recommended for students who usually like writing or who want to improve their writing skills together. And the best thing about working as a student reporter was that undergraduates were given the opportunity to meet and interview many people whom they usually do not usually meet, such as professors, graduate students, students on leave, graduates, and fund donors, and to broaden their knowledge and gain various experiences. In fact, there are reporters who have reached a turning point in their values or careers through interviews with professors. In addition, the wide and comfortable press room and various support for activities are advantages, so we hope that students who have affection for CALS and want to be the first to know and inform the news of CALS to be interested in and apply for CALS PRESS.

A Word from The Leader

"I was able to take pride in being a member of CALS thanks to talented and great people and valuable experiences. I wanted to capture it vividly and promote it to the wider world and contribute to the development of CALS. This year, we tried to form more systematic and colorful press corps by organizing the executive team and promoting new projects. We will continue to do our best to communicate smoothly among members of CALS and develop CALS through more strategic and broader platforms and contents, with a sense of responsibility as a press corps that records the past and present and of the alumni and lighten the future.”

  • Head of press, Kwon Ga-bin (Department of Applied Biology and Chemistry, Applied Life Chemistry Major, Class of 2020) -