MOU Signing Ceremony with Ecole d'Ingenieurs de Purpan (EI Purpan), France

2012-11-01l Hit 6520

    MOU Signing Ceremony with Ecole d'Ingenieurs de Purpan (EI Purpan), France, was held on July 27th, 2012 in the conference room of SNU CALS. At the ceremony, Dean, Dr. Hak Lae Lee and Associate Dean, prof. Jin-Yong Choi have met with Ms. Marie-Odile Bisch, associate dean of international relations, and professor Djamel Ali-haimond from EI Purpan.

   Both universities had a discussion of future collaboration. It elaborated on some of the key issues including how to expand the range of research collaboration in agricultural resources and environmental management, and to achieve tangible outcomes from academic exchange. After the ceremony, the delegation from EI Purpan took a tour of CALS research-related facilities such as NICEM and research labs in the SPC building.

   EI Purpan belongs to the Agricultural Engineers School's Federation (FESIA), a French national network of agricultural education founded in 1984. FESIA has brought together four associated schools under the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, to train engineers to work in the food industry, agriculture and the environment, out of which ESA (Ecoles Superieures d'Ingenieurs) signed a five-year MOA with SNU CALS in 1994. We expect this MOU will rekindle the cooperative ties with European agricultural institutions and SNU CALS will be able to expand the partnership with other institutions in the FESIA Consortium in the long run.