“I want to emphasize that finding and attending classes you love is a happy way to learn.”

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Interview with Dean’s List alumni Hong Hyun-seo, Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development


Dean's List is a term used in North American universities and refers to a list of university honors. It gives students motivation and psychological confidence in their studies and provides parents with information that their children are growing into talents at university. In addition, university has the advantage of creating a stepping stone for growth by providing opportunities for nurturing. Dean’s list is widely used in Asia and Europe and is implemented by KAIST and Yonsei University and so on in Korea. In our university, the College of Business Administration was the first in Korea to implement it since 1996, and the College of Humanities and Natural Sciences also selects candidates every semester. College of Agriculture and Life Science (CALS) also selects and implements candidates every semester to nurture progressive talents who will lead the world, by selecting and rewarding students with excellent academic performance during the undergraduate course, motivating students to study and strengthening their identity as ‘people of CALS’.


On the 10th, we interviewed Hong Hyun-seo, who was selected as the Dean’s List for the second semester of 2021. Hong Hyun-seo said that he knew the existence of the Dean's list as it is sometimes mentioned in the school community, but because he was selected on the Dean's list for the first time, he was able to properly understand the purpose and criteria of the selection through this opportunity.


After being selected, he said, "I was very embarrassed when I got a call from the office saying that I was selected.” “I got the call early in the morning, and I was dazed, just diligently answered, and I couldn't remember anything he said. I thought it was a good thing that I was informed again by e-mail later. I was selected really unexpectedly, and once I come to my senses, I don't think I'll be selected again until I graduate, so I thought I'd enjoy it now." He also said that when he first entered school, it was difficult to adjust because he couldn't figure out what he liked and what he was good at. He said that the improvement in academic performance over several semesters thanks to finding study methods and aptitudes by participating in various activities and class seems to have played a positive role. In addition, a letter was sent home after the award ceremony at school, and it was delivered with eggs, which can be said to be a characteristic of CALS. He was fulfilled to see his parents proud and happy.


This semester, due to issues such as COVID-19, only those who wish to have lunch with the dean were provided. He said that the advice of the dean – it is important not only to study but also to cultivate personality. Actively participate in various activities such as arts, sports, and clubs – is memorable. He also mentioned that it was a time to consider what kind of talent to move forward.


As a piece of advice to his classmates, “I wasn't a student with excellent grades until the previous semester, and there are so many great classmates that I don't think I'm in a position to give advice. However, I would like to emphasize that finding a class that you are passionate about is the only way to learn happily. Taking the classes I was interested in and the arts education I liked gave me motivation and less stress.” Regarding his own study method, he said, “I have a mindset to organize the contents of the class that day. I re-read what I learned while comparing the notes I took during class with the class materials. During the weekdays, I reviewed the contents of the class, and on the weekends, I focused on studying English. I personally find classes in English difficult, so I spend a lot of time on it.”


Lastly, among the lectures he has heard so far, the most memorable one was a liberal arts lecture called “Technology and Art: Exhibition, Art, and Engineering”. He said, “I like to go to exhibitions, so it was attractive that I had an opportunity to do an exhibition in person. The lecture was different from other classes in that classes are held in art museums. All the team members were able to actively participate and have fun learning from the production to the exhibition of their own work.” About future plans, he answered, “I plan to go as an exchange student next semester. Now that I'm in my 3rd year, I think I'll have to think about my plans after graduation, but I'm afraid of such worries, so I'm going to put them down for a while. I have a vague expectation that I will be able to find what I want to do when I am exposed to new things.”


Dean's List selection will continue every semester. Students in CALS should not only think of university as a place for a degree or a job, but as a place to cultivate academics and ponder about their desired career path. We expect them to have a school life that fits the purpose of Dean's List.