Academic-Industrial Collaboration between CALS, Unmanned Solution and WeGo Korea

2020-06-30l Hit 911

 College of Agriculture and Life Sciences of Seoul National University had academic-industrial collaboration signing ceremony with Unmanned Solution Co., Ltd. (Unmanned Solution) and WeGo Korea Co., Ltd. (WeGo Robotics) on February 27, 2020. As a company that develops next generation autonomous mobility platform with both autonomous driving-related hardware and software technologies, Unmanned Solution Co., Ltd. is exporting numerous advanced technologies to other countries through their vast number of researches and developments. As a company that provides a various platform for engineering education and researches in the field of control and mechatronics, WeGo Korea Co., Ltd. implements algorithms based on a variety of manipulators such as autonomous driving platforms, drones, and articulated robotic arms.

 Through the academic/industrial collaboration, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences of Seoul National University, Unmanned Solution, and WeGo Korea mutually agreed to encourage exchange of human resources and cooperate in research and development in the field of smart farming. It is expected that through this collaboration, experts in the field of smart farming will be trained, and the autonomous driving research in the field of agriculture can be encouraged. In the signing ceremony, many people, including Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Suk-Ha Lee, CEO of Unmanned Solution Hee-Chang Moon, and CEO of WeGo Korea Se-Il Park participated. In particular, CEO Hee-Chang Moon stated, “There are many directions for development where the autonomous driving technology can work with agricultural field. I hope that the autonomous driving research will be further improved through this collaboration.”

Figure 1. Commemorative photo of the academic/industry collaboration signing ceremony