Evergreen Agriculture and Life Science Grand Prize - Academic Awards Ceremony

2020-01-29l Hit 1929

 From 11:00 a.m. on November 12 (Tuesday), 2019, the Evergreen Agriculture and Life Science Grand Prize and Academic Awards Ceremony was held at Mugunghwa Hall, Hoam Faculty House, Seoul National University. College of Agriculture and Life Sciences holds annual awards for professors with great achievements such as those in education, research, and community service to promote education and research activities in the field of agriculture and life sciences. Through this, professors with great achievements accomplished with great enthusiasm, sweat, effort, and dedication to the academic development of agricultural life science were respected, and a social atmosphere honoring these efforts was created. Before the awards ceremony, a moment of silence was observed in honor of Professor In-gyu Han, who died a month ago. Professor In-gyu Han has contributed to the development of agriculture and life sciences and universities throughout his life and is a self-made man who has taken the first step in the tradition of evergreen agriculture and life science grand prize. More than 120 people attended the awards ceremony, including the winners Hak-rae Lee, Eui-jun Kim, and Jong-hoon Jung; the President Se-jeong Oh; head professors at the headquarters; and the Honorary Professor Jong-kyu Ha.

 During the selection process, a number of outstanding professors were nominated. Among them, Professor Hak-rae Lee of Department of Forest Sciences, Professor Eui-Jun Kim of Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, and Professor Jong-hoon Jung of Biosystems and Biomaterials Science and Engineering were finally selected as winners through a strictly impartial judging process that comprised two steps.

Fig 1. Commemorative photo of the Evergreen Agriculture and Life Science Grand Prize ceremony