2019 CALS International night

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 On December 5, a 2019 CALS International Night event was held at the Seoul National University Global Education Center Restaurant. Currently, there are 87 foreigners at College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Seoul National University, including seven professors, 62 students, and 18 researchers. College of Agriculture and Life Sciences hosts a CALS International Night every year to instill a sense of community as a member of College of Agriculture Life Sciences and provide opportunities for fellowship.

 The event began with opening remarks of Professor Hong Sok Kim, a foreign professor at College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Participants showed photos of their joyful moments in Korea and formed a bond of sympathy on Korea and Seoul National University. Then, at each table, meals and meetings took place, and Korean traditional games (tuho and jegichagi) were played. Through this program, foreign students and professors could have an opportunity to understand and interact with each other.

Fig 1. Commemorative photo of the CALS International Night