Teacher’s Day

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Teacher’s Day event


A conference was held at the CALS on May 14, 2019, with honorary professors invited to celebrate Teacher’s Day.

South Korea designated May 15 as Teacher’s Day, on which people express gratitude for teachers and reflect on lessons learned. The CALS invites honorary professors who dedicated themselves to teaching and research at SNU on May 14, just a day before Teacher’s Day, to a conference where they can share their insights with students. Thirty honorary professors graced the conference with their presence, welcomed by professors from the executive committee and 20 current professors.

The conference started with an opening speech by the Dean of the Planning Department at the CALS, followed by a welcoming speech by Suk-ha Lee, the Dean of the CALS, and a valedictory speech by the honorary professors. Although the honorary professors are physically distant from the school, they gave their support and wished the school continued success. Ho-tak Kim, who became an honorary professor following his resignation in 2004, congratulated the school’s progress by saying, “I would like to congratulate SNU for ranking 31st on the QS World University Rankings and pass my gratitude to the younger professors who worked hard to make this happen.” Suk-ha Lee, the Dean of the CALS said, “I would like to thank the senior professors for all their contributions to the country and the agricultural industry. The CALS will follow their footsteps to make continuous progress.”

Honorary professors visited the university to celebrate Teacher’s Day with current professors. A picture was taken to commemorate this special day.