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Course Override Instruction

2019-02-25l 조회수 409

Spring 2019 Course Change Period: March 4(Mon)- March 8(Fri) 9am to 6pm

On the website(sugang.snu.ac.kr), the menu 'details of course registration', shows the list of courses you registred for during the course registration period.
there, you can delete a course to drop it and add a new one from the course catalog. please note that you can drop your courses until halfway through the semester, but any course addition or replacement in not allowed after March 8.

When a course you want to add is already full, you may ask the instructor to allow you to take the course. the process for acquiring a permission for additional registration is called as course override and choanji in Korean at SNU.

1. fill out the course override form
2. have it signed by the instructor
3. submit it to the department office that offers the course 

N. B.
Not every instructor will allow you to override
Please make sure you check the website of each department office and contact the instructor

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