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2017 CALS Festival “Nong Time Nong See”

2017-11-09l Hit 1210


  CALS’ biannual festival, this year entitled “Nong Time Nong See,” was held at the CALS plaza on Tuesday, May 23. The title is from the popular English phrase “long time no see,” substituting in the word “nong,” which means “agriculture” in Korean. The festival has been attracting more attention through diversified activities, increasing the number of participants each year.

  This year’s organizing body, the 33rd CALS student committee, said that the festival was one of the most meaningful projects they work on—it added an element of fun to student life. All members of the committee worked very hard to make this festival memorable.

  This year’s festival theme means “bringing back our old memories.” The student committee at CALS hoped that this theme—evoked with a so-called “retro style”—would encourage students to enjoy the festival with an eye on the past. The theme also plays on the concept that everybody has memory, which creates common ground and binds everyone together.

  In developing the contents of the festival, the student committee searched for ways to increase student participation. A festival hit was a retro-style program called “Game King of CALS.” One participant was enthusiastic, saying, “It was great, because I felt so warmly welcome to join the game.” Another commented, “I was impressed by the student committee, as they made so much of an effort in encouraging students to participate.”

  The student committee continues to improve upon previous successes. Taking last year’s feedback into consideration, promotion began earlier this year through social media, such as Facebook, and through more traditional media, such as posters. “There were still many things that needed improvement,” a member of the executive branch said. “We’ll continue to work harder so that even more students can take part in the festival.” The committee hopes this annual festival will become a unique aspect of CALS and have stronger participation from many more CALS members moving forward.


Student Reporter Na, Hye-ji / Song, Iee-re / Kim, Su-yeon