SNU CALS: MOU Conclusion with KT Corporation (KT) and Smart Community Consortium Pty. Ltd. (SCC)

2018-12-28l Hit 1307

 On November 8, 2018, SNU CALS concluded an MOU with KT and the SCC. In this era of the fourth industrial revolution, KT, as one of Korea’s largest broadband companies, has adopted the fields of smart farms and smart cities and implemented a number of relevant projects. SCC is a consortium between an Australian biotech company called Bio and Gene Pty. Ltd. and the Queensland Provincial Government, and it has been developing next-generation bio-new materials and medicines. Based on KT’s experience in ICT built from its smart-city and smart-farm technology, SNU CALS’ R&D capability, and SCC’s business ability in developing next-generation bio-new materials, the three parties will step up their efforts to build a smart community. Suk-Ha Lee, dean of SNU CALS; Hyun-Mo Koo, president of KT; and Andrew Han, managing director of SCC, attended the MOU signing ceremony.

[Figure 1] SNU CALS-KT-SCC MOU Signing Ceremony