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Plant Genomics and Breeding Institute

The Plant Genomics and Breeding Institute (PGBI) was established in 2008 as the official successor of the Center for Plant Molecular Genetics and Breeding Research (CPMGBR) which had been designated as one of the excellent science research centers (SEC) by the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation and the Ministry of Science and Technology from 1999-2007.

The goal of the institute is to advance science and technology in plant genomics and breeding research, ultimately aiming to develop advanced molecular breeding technology in order to apply these technologies for the development of new varieties of field crops and horticultural crops with high yield, good food quality, and strong resistance to plant pathogens. This institute pursues an active multidisciplinary approach among research fields from fundamental plant genomics and breeding sciences to novel biotechnology.

Technical aims for pursuing these goals are physical mapping, genome sequencing, and development of genomics-based moleular breeding from various important crops such as rice, pepper, soybean, and ginseng. The development of useful genes and the utilization of these genes for molecular breeding will be achieved. Superior commercial varieties will also be developed using genomics and molecular markers. New theories and applications for plant biotechnology and breeding will continuously be developed.
The institute will be open to other domestic and international research groups for close collaboration and communication.
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