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Center for Food and Bioconvergence

The Center for Food and Bioconvergence, formerly the Center for Agricultural Biomaterials, has been recognized as a leading research center in agro-bio science fields as it was selected to be an Outstanding Science Research Center supported by Korea Science and Engineering Foundation in 1991 and a Priority Research Center supported by Korea Research Foundation in 2004.
On the basis of accumulated research achievements and knowledge, the Center expanded and restructured its scope to be born as the Center for Food and Bioconvergence (CFB) in September 17, 2012. Reorganization of the Center aims for the advancement of domestic food industry, which is one of the 17 future growth engines that National Science and Technology Council has selected. Also, it is to properly respond to the new paradigm of future society that is often characterized as “LOHAS-based and aging society.”
Through IT, BT, NT convergence based on various disciplines such as agriculture, chemistry, biology, engineering, medicine, pharmacy, business, CFB pursues the stable production of highly safe, value-added, multi-functional food and bio-products ranging from agriculture biological materials to processed foods. CFB’s research interest also includes the development of personalized diet that can be used in disease prevention and treatment.
The specific objectives of the Center are as follows;

· Development of value-added food and bio-materials
· Development of personalized functional food and bio-materials
· Development of convergence technologies for improving food safety
· Development of future-oriented industrial technology for food and bio-processing
· Advancement of management technology for agri-food and bio-industry

· Developing and supporting food and bio-related interdisciplinary curriculum
· Training high-quality workforce for agri-food and bio industry

Also, CFB hosts annual international symposium and workshop that provides a wide range of academic network and in-depth knowledge.
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